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    james11417 Guest

    Bricked PS3 help?

    I'm on and off on the PS3 scene so I'm not really up-to-date until there's something I want to play. I was trying to figure out how to get DLC to work using vsh.self and ReactPSN an hour or 2 ago. I followed a tutorial (game-tuts.com/community/f78/reactpsn-v2-20-a-110770/) but as I was trying to follow step 7) Now in multiMAN's File Manager copy the vsh.self file to /dev_blind/vsh/module, the console froze.

    I waited 15 minutes because I know turning off something during a flash is a bad thing but nothing happened. The screen was stuck. Long story short, I shut it off and now the PS3 won't boot. I'm on kmeaw 3.55 if it matters.

    I can turn the PS3 on and all the lights come on, but there is nothing on my screen. I tried resetting the video output for HDMI but nothing comes on.

    The only thing that comes on is recovery mode, which gives me some hope. However, when I select the option to rebuild database or restore PS3, it runs for 30 seconds then a rainbow screen flashes for a second then screen shuts off (the PS3 is still on, but no video).

    Do I have any other options? What else can I try to unbrick my console? Just want to factory reset it, I don't care about my data, saves! Thanks in advance.

    Never mind, I used recovery to factory reset it. Didn't know it was that simple!

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by james11417 View Post
    Never mind, I used recovery to factory reset it. Didn't know it was that simple!
    Glad ya got it sorted, and so I will mark this as Answered now as well!

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