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Thread: Bricked jailbroken fat PS3 help?

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    Bigbones87 Guest

    Bricked jailbroken fat PS3 help?

    I had a rsod ps3 on 4.11. I used the e3 and downgraded it to rogero v3 with 4.11 spoofer. When i powered it up it still had the rsod. So i updated it to the norsod.pup 3.55 which is the only update that actually will get past the rsod. I have done this successfully on 2 rsod.

    Anyway, I know that this is the old way of trying to fix the rsod, as this doesn't actually fix anything, it just bypasses the check for rsod. I wanted to get on a proper firmware and try fixing the rsod with the factory service mode lvl2.diag rsod fix. I wasn't sure if i could go from norsod.pup to 3.55 ofw without qa flagging, so i qa flagged it and turned on the update bypass thingy that e3 said to turn on.

    Then I updated to 3.55. It completed then turned off. Now when i turned it on, it is bricked. It actually turns on then ylod then shuts off. Oh... here is the bad part. I have good dumps of it on 4.11 and rogero v3, but when i went to norsod.pup, i wasn't able to get a dump. The damn solderless clip must have lost connectivity, and i was too eager to get it working to take it back apart for the 3rd time, so i just went with it.

    Perma brick i guess. Any input would be helpful, even if it is calling me a dumbass for not waiting till i had a good dump on the current firmware. I knew better and need ridiculing.

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    jmuckey2 Guest
    is it still ylod and what firmware does your dumps say you are on if you are trying to downgrade make sure you have the lv1 hypervisor patched for downgrade and you said that your machine is qa flagged well did you solder the tristate wire for brick recovery if so make sure you have a good 3.55 dump 1st switch up all rest down and provided you have good dumps properly treated with patches you should be good.

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    It was already downgraded. Then I went from rogero cfw to norsod cfw which is 3.55. I didn't get a dump once i was on norsod cfw. I only got a dump once I was on rogero cfw. I will check again today, but I am pretty sure when I turn it on, it turns on for a second then turns yellow, then beeps and shuts off.

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    jmuckey2 Guest
    it is possible that you didn't brick it i would suggest checking the thermal paste on the motherboard and if needed to re apply paste as that usually is the reason for the yellow light

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    It is acting like the bricked consoles with waninkoko. I hope racer0018 or someone can help me with this one. But I am 95% positive it is almost cause.

    Edit: A lost cause

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    onisouljah Guest
    is there a way for the slim models to be fixed?

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    daivyphuong Guest
    look like PIC here?

    I can fix it

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    I have a ps3 that was doing this. I installed the norsod.pup to bypass this error. If I go to another firmware it returns. Please read my other forum The ps3 I am talking about on this particular forum doesn't even boot up. It just shuts off yellow, then blinking red light. Like the ylod, but Im pretty sure this isn't hardware issue. It was working fine until I did the update after qa flagging.

    At onisouljah, what is your slim doing? Give some details and me or someone else may be able to help. Thanks everyone.

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