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    Drakhen Guest
    I would seriously be surprised if it was the laser my system has less then 30 hours of use total on it, and it is a launch system. I got the metal gear limeted edition system and never did anything with it.

    Ok I now have tried metal gear sons of liberty to external drive, and it stopped at around 32% of the copy using multiman, I also have tried heavy rain to both external and internal Hd and that one stopped at 22% during the copy of both the external and the internal drives. where am I going wrong?

    With in Multiman this is the info I get as well
    Multiman Ver 02.09.00
    Ps3 System Firmware 3.55 [SC-8] Hermes

    ok now I have managed to get 2 games to copy to the external drive I do own the retail copy of the games mentioned as well I am just trying to back up to another system so I dont need two copies of each game. however I still have as of right now not figured out how to get playback from the games I have backed up.

    Gran Turismo - boots to a black screen and locks the system up need to power it down with main switch
    Uncharted 3 - requires fw 3.72 how the heck do I get around that

    Also both games say the have split files so I copy them back to the internal and still no play back

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    Drakhen Guest
    I really do appreciate you guys helping me along this far but it is like getting that super cool Rc Car from Santa with no batteries. I can't figure out how to get my Gran Turismo and uncharted 3 to play back (so far the only 2 games I been able to back up) and have not been able to get any games to be able to play off the back up.

    can someone help me get my first backup (s) running?

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    moja Guest
    Here's an Eboot for Gran Turismo from the PS3 EBOOT.BIN Links Repository thread here:

    Uncharted 3 needs additional tweaking. Refer to this infamous thread for details and downloads.

    Good luck! Oh, I didn't read if those games are compatible from external USB though.

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    Drakhen Guest
    Moja; I apprreciate it, I will try those. even if the game has been ripped from original disc? you still need eboot fixes?? I would assume I just ftp the fix to the main directory of the game and replace. or is there a program that swaps the eboot?

    And yeah both games are currently on external hd and I figure they wont play off there,

    and Merry Christmas to All

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    If you're on 3.55 CFW there is no need to patch Gran Turismo 5 since it requires 3.50 firmware. But since Uncharted 3 requires 3.72 firmware you will need to put the game on your computer (rejoin the split files if there are any) and use this (http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...tml#post394700) fix and then put it back on your External HDD and play (after this fix there should be no 4GB+ files).

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