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    stavv Guest

    break ps3 with sansa m 250 help?

    Hello all,

    i have the sansa m250.. can i break my ps3 with this mp3 ? because i read that i can break ps3 with sansa mp3

    i have the regular ps3 break but is not upgradable so i think i can install hermes v3 on the Mp3

    plz help

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Hi, as far as I know (I dont own a sansa) you need to get this windows program RockBox-PSGroove Installer – 1.1


    It makes things fairly easy , try download it and check out the instructions and th GUI.

    note: It supports almost all sansa devices and more, and its only got hermes v1 payload for now though but i'm sure it will be updated eventually.

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