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    Greazy Guest

    Brandon's To8XV app for TI-84 Plus calculator payloads?

    Can someone explain to me how to use Brandon's To8XV program to install different payloads. As far as I understand you need the .bin file from the payloads so I got the discriptor.bin file from Hermes v3 and put it over the To8XV program and the only thing that happens is that the cmd window pops up for a split second and then closes and I dont see no new file or anything so could someone please help me out and explain what I might be doing wrong? And I did read the included readme!

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    marc2590 Guest
    Couldnt do it either but if you want Hermesv3.8XV payload, here it is just copy it to your TI and in the PS3JB app in options set stage 1 to Hermes

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    ltent Guest
    What you have to do is open up the command prompt and then once you do that type to8xv, it will give you the format that you need to type the command in... i think its

    to8xv *.bin (whatever the bin file is) hermesv3 (name that you want the 8xv file to be.. dont put a filename.. in otherwords dont put hermesv3.8xv.. just put hermesv3) make sure the bin file and the program are in the same directory

    Note: you can toggle the command prompt in windows by typing cmd and pressing enter when you are inside the folder.. so make a directory on your desktop and put the program in it, and the bin file that you are trying to make a appvar out of... once you go into the folder.. up top where it shows you the path... erase it all and type cmd end press enter.. you will be in a dos prompt!

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    Greazy Guest
    What file do I need to use in the HERMES v8 folder is it the discriptor.bin file?

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    ltent Guest
    the bin file is used to make the appvar file.. once thats done you just copy that file into the appvar setting on your calculator...

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    Greazy Guest
    Thank you very much Itent I appreciate your help very much I got it now Thank you again. +rep to you my friend.

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