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    zant Guest

    Poll Brand new 80GB Motorstorm FW 1.80 to hack or not?

    So I by chance won an auction for a CECHE01 80Gb motorstorm bundle. Seal was opened (unfortunately, it was going to go into my private collection), but EVERYTHING in the box was new. Nothing was ever opened. I turned on the system to be greeted by FW 1.80.

    Question is, should I hack it? Or leave it as it is for old time's sake? It even has that precious little gameboot jingle I miss so much.

    For the curious, I paid $100 for it

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    ChucklezLV Guest
    HACK IT! too rare of a find to hack so easily!

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    misiozol Guest
    Well choice is yours to make , but in my opinion CFW is giving consoles so much more options than you can imagine and is still developing (I bet $ony did imagine but not bother to make users happy as they definitely new what console is capable of to begin with)

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