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    Mar 2008

    Boot Mame

    Hey guy's and girls,

    Question i've not seen any bootable mame version for the ps3 40 gb?!

    Just pop in a cd, usb and boot the mame emu.

    Any ideas?



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    Jul 2008
    i would like to know too. have 40gb ps3. I heard you can put mame on psp

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    I play mame for about 5 minutes and then im bored to hell, takes longer to install, and by the way havent seen any solution to this to answer your question.

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    Hopefully someone figures this out. My bro inlaw loves MAME and he has a 40 gig.

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    i just hope we will be able to do anything with our 40 gig version... so far the only things i've seen anything being worked on are the 80 gigs...

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    Isnt there a Mame version for Linux? If not, doesn't wine work with PS3 Linux anyway.

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