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    Sterist Guest

    BluRay drive dead, split 4gb's w/o Backup-Manager?

    hi guys,

    well, my ps3's blu ray drive busted in mid august and the ps3 has the only blu-ray drive in the house. i obtained a digital copy of my game.. LEGALLY but it has a 4gb file. how can i split it without using PSfreedom's backup manager?

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    daveribz Guest
    Why don't you just FTP' it onto the PS3's HDD? When you rip/upload/whatever a game on the PS3's hard disk drive, files over 4gb are supported due to a different filesystem being used.

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    Sterist Guest
    i was hoping to avoid that because i have 10gb allocated to Linux, plus 30-40gb of music / videos / psn downloads from pre- april-fool's-day

    are you sure there's no other way?

    edit- 60gb hdd

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    repulbicano Guest
    to transfer files over 4gb to external usb i use Comgenie's Awesome Filemanager v0.06 its great worked for me with my backup of red dead redemption i copied it to a dead lens ps3, im planning to try tekken 6 now.

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    Sterist Guest
    republicano does this involve transferring to internal first, or is that a PC application?

    edit- and can someone confirm that his method worked, and that no steps were left out?

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    Sterist Guest

    i'd like to mark this as "answered" as soon as i can get this confirmed

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    deank Guest
    The only way to play a game which has 4+GB files is to transfer it to the internal HDD - you can't play it off the external.

    So first make some free space on the internal. Use a window application like split4G or comgenie's split to transfer your game to the external FAT32 formatted HDD. These 2 applications will split the big files to comply with FAT32 4GB restrictions.

    Then attach the external USB HDD to your PS3, launch comgenie's filemanager and transfer the game to the internal hdd. During the copy process all split files will be joined back automatically by the filemanager.


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    Sterist Guest
    okay thanks for straightening that out for me.

    best explained, best answer.

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