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    [UnAnswered] Mouse and Keyboard use with games...

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    Has anyone tried a mouse and keyboard with resistance? I am wondering if its as good as FPS on a PC? I know the only thing that pulls me to the PC from time to time is the FPS like fear or resistance like games. I have no games to try yet other than Tony Hawk so I was hoping someone would let me know.


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    I actually don't know if they work. I don't own a USB or bluetooth keyboard so I haven't been able to test. My old roommate told me that he wasn't able to use his mouse/keyboard combo online, but it could have been user error.

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    You can use Bluetooth devices besides the sixaxis? If so has anyone successfully setup any keyboard or mouse products via bluetooth?

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    Yeah, PS3 has the ability to connect 7 bluetooth devices. I hear all sorts of stuff works with it really - including mice and keyboards.

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    so let me get this straight... I will need a blue tooth mouse and keyboard? I was wondering if usb mouse and keyboard would work? I can get the blue tooth set if not. Also do we know what games will have mouse and keyboard support?


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    No no no. Of course regular old USB Keyboard and Mouse will work, I'm just saying it's cool that you can support all the bluetooth devices you want to.

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    How many bluetooth devices can the ps3 handle? I mean I always wondered why they only allow 7 Sixaxis controllers and not 8 alike they usually do with multitap and all. Maybe the unit can only handle 7 bluetooth devices?

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    I got a bleutouth mouse and keybord combo, i borrowed it from my work, it works on my PS3 i diddn't have time to test it with games.

    I wassent planing on though, couse the only games i got are TH and Gundam.

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    nope it didn't work for me, not for resistance anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caffeicaddictio View Post
    nope it didn't work for me, not for resistance anyways.
    I hope that changes....


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