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    [UnAnswered] Bluetooth keyboard help

    just installed v1.60 update, was trying out the bt keyboard/mouse option which i was able to register and use my bt keyboard with no problems. i bought this keyboard on ebay for $16.50 and $12.49 shipping, pretty good deal in my opinion. Now here comes the ironic part of all this, the brand of the KB MICROSOFT haha. ive tried the kb in RFOM, dvd playback, websurfing it works great.

    f.y.i. they still got plenty on ebay hopefully it will save my fellow ps3 owner a little bit of cash for accessories.

    model on ebay Microsoft Bluetooth 2.0 Elite keyboard Conv

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    i dont know about a mouse, dont have one but the keyboard works great on RFOM, you just have to make sure that you sixaxis is set to be the #1 bt device other than that your good to go. this is a pretty good deal for a bt keyboard i think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grimster View Post
    model on ebay Microsoft Bluetooth 2.0 Elite keyboard Conv
    the price you listed is Buy It Now OR Best Offer, holy crap.... these must be made in china, see if it says MICROSEFT or something other than the correct spelling! oh, and since the seller claims "ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 10 DAY DOA WARRANTY FROM US," let me know how it works in 20 days, i'd love to pick one up, but pissing away $30 bucks on something that breaks in 11 days means i'll end up spending the extra $20 and get a genuine M$ Bluetooth keyboard

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    ive had it for about 2 months now, been working good with my computer. it is made in china but what isnt. well, just wanted to put it out there. been testing it all night and part of today. so far so good.

    Edit: btw it's a buy it now

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    Quote Originally Posted by grimster View Post
    Edit: btw it's a buy it now
    if you do a search of:

    Microsoft Bluetooth 2.0 Elite keyboard Conv
    the first four items (at time of posting) are Buy It Now OR BEST OFFER

    i wasn't implying ALL things made in China are crap, i meant COUNTERFEIT stuff made in China is crap.... sorry for the confusion, i thought adding a funny word like MICROSEFT would have helped with the understanding.... for the funny picture of the day regarding counterfeiting and relating to SONY:

    and now for the brief history lesson of the day (also known as the last word from me on the subject of counterfeit items from China):

    In Fiscal Year 2006, the United States Customs and Border Protection agency seized more than 14,000 counterfeit goods worth more than $155 million.3 81 percent of the goods seized were from China.

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    I understood you just fine

    However, I'm confused: "Bluetooth keyboard help"

    What did the OP need help with?

    Um....where's the edit button?

    Anyway, there's something fishy about this deal.

    1. This is the old style board. These board are about two years old. Maybe a little newer but not much. You will not get any MS warranty.

    2. "w/bluetooth dongle if you add $12 to your payment"

    It doesn't even come with the dongle which means he's taking them OUT of the boxes.

    So it's 40.99 for the full package which is about right for an old board with no possibility of warranty.
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