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    [Answered] Blue screen of not so much death....

    Ok, I've crashed my PS3, i don't know how, I don't know why, but it happened. I took a blurry picture, but I'll only post it if people really need it because all it basically says is:

    "Yours settings data has been corrupted, push X to reboot and restore the last successful configuration"

    Or something close to that in like 12 different languages.

    I have no idea when it started, but I can reproduce it consistently by going to settings/audio settings - I can't change any audio settings.

    It worked not too long ago...recently I copied a whole folder of music over from my Ipod (not Ipod format, but when i was using it as a portable hard drive). I'm thinking something might have gotten in with it that the PS3 disagrees with or something.

    It's not too important, but I still hope they fix this bug with the next release. Anyone else have this problem?

    Keep in mind I haven't modified the settings at all. As much as I want to install Linux, I'm just going to wait until YDL comes out so I can have a clean, hassle free install.

    Ok here, I got un-lazy. Here's the screenshot.
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    Best Answer - Posted by Chiyo:

    I got that same thing to after uninstalling Linux, i totaly freaked, pushed X, ( diddn't pray to god XD ) and it worked again.

    But i dont know what happend or anything ):

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    I got that same thing to after uninstalling Linux, i totaly freaked, pushed X, ( diddn't pray to god XD ) and it worked again.

    But i dont know what happend or anything ):

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    Yeah mine has been showing me the same message consistently and I haven't even installed Linux. It's not that big of a deal at this point because I have the music set up how I'd like it, but it's pretty much a general annoyance.

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    So you still got the screen ? i thought it was gone already -__-

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    Nah, it still is showing up every time I try to adjust music settings. Luckily nothing too important is in that menu so I can wait until a firmware update.

    Sony needs to include a firmware restore function that will totally wipe system settings without wiping the movies, pictures, and savegames you might have on the system. That's pretty much the main reason I still haven't formatted.

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    i got rid of my bsod problem by formatting and restoring it to factory. copied all of my data onto an external hd.

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    Yeah I planned on doing that as well, but I'm so damn lazy...I have a ton of videos on my ps3 and I just don't want to go through the hassle of copying them all over to my ipod and putting them back on when all I'm missing out on is a part of a menu.

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    yeh at first, it dint seem to be troublesome since i dont use my ps3 for music *too much energy wasted just to listen to music* but then it had trouble booting directly to games when turned on so i went ahead and did it. no more problems thus far.

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    NOt really a big deal though... I haven't seen that screen once in my life. I guess its just something defective with your settings.

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    Yeah, I'm copying a lot of data to and from the hard drive so I could see why that might mess something up on a new system. I've done a reformat.

    Yup everything works. Weird. Hope they fix it with the next firmware update.

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