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Thread: Blu-ray problems and reflashing problems help?

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    jph98 Guest

    Blu-ray problems and reflashing problems help?

    Hi, i have a fat 60gb ps3 demo version that i converted to retail version and now i'm having trouble playing blu-ray movies. i had went through the whole process of converting it when the current firmware was out was 3.50 and when i had finished everything was still working properly blu-ray, games, etc.

    since then i haven't flashed it and have going about the regular way of updating it so i could play online. now its on 3.60 and all of a sudden it won't play blu-ray movies anymore everything else is still working fine, i tried reseting everything back to where it would be if you just got of the box and it still won't work, i tried going through safe mode to try to fix it and still nothing.

    i tried calling sony which completely unhelpful because they kept telling me my serial number was wrong and i didn't know what they would do if i told them it was a demo model.

    so i figured i'll just reflash the system but that didn't work because i'm assuming the latest upgrade is preventing that, i have PS3 usb jailbreak adapter btw, so i'm out of options on how to get the blu-ray movie function to work again and yes the lens is fine it just blocks the playback like the parental controls are on but they're not.. so please help if somebody can.

    Thanks John

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    severusx Guest
    Well since you are on 3.60 there isn't anything you are going to be able to do with a JB dongle or CFW. My guess is that the firmware update broke the BD playback in a similar way to what happened when downgrading fats to 3.41. Unfortunately, short of sending it to Sony, I don't think there is much you can do.

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    jph98 Guest
    Alright well thanks for the help.

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