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Thread: Blu-ray movies suddenly stop working help?

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    holysword Guest

    Blu-ray movies suddenly stop working help?

    I got a major issue here... today all of a sudden all of my blu ray movie stop working. 2 night ago I was still watching my Indiana Jone blu ray set, however today I decide to try my Dark Knight Return Blu and it say i need new key... cool, no problem... however, even when I try to play my old blu ray that used to work; they all stop working and give me the error code 8002997F and say this video cannot be played. I was like WTF. Anyone experience something like that?

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    G Sus Guest
    have you checked to see if a proper game disc still works, could be bluray drive fail.

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    holysword Guest
    yeah, real ps3 game work, tried Eternal Soneta, Ghost buster and Yakuza 4, all load fine. Although I had to delete ghost buster installed data for the game to load. Right now i am attempting to reinstall firmware to see if it help.

    No good... reinstalled firmware and it still won't work.

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    jika Guest
    Probably that's a region problem. Which firmware do you use?

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    G Sus Guest
    you haven't converted to dex have you ? because dex don't play bluray movies.

    hope its nothing sony are doing to blurays, i tried to play the dictator and couldn't cos of issue with the keys.

    i haven't tried another movie since cos i've taken them all back.

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    holysword Guest
    Jika - I am still using my dongle firmware... too lazy to change. All my blu are usa blu ray so can't be a region issue.

    Luci lol, did you pick up dictator for $5 too?

    I just think of something, the Indiana jone that I was watching was Italy version. It is suppose to be all region but what if something mess up the region code of my ps3, which might explain the 8002997F error code.

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    Portalcake Guest
    The keys may have been updated in newer firmware releases. That means >3.55. Which means you lose homebrew, unless you're on DEX, but being on DEX means that you lose BD playback.

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    holysword Guest
    I understand that will happen eventually but i through it would limited to new title? Unless the blu ray I tested contain a trap that made all blu ray doesn't work until i got new key.

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    G Sus Guest
    nah i rented it from blockbusters, still haven't seen it cos it wouldn't play.

    i haven't tried another movie since, i might have to go rent one just to ckeck mines still working.

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    holysword Guest
    Someone said it is possible that the blu ray i get contain some kind of key revoking program:

    If one insert a blu ray that can revoke key, all blu ray will no longer work... if it is true... its sucks.

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