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Thread: Blu-ray Movie backups on PS3

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    thehunter911 Guest

    Question Blu-ray Movie backups on PS3


    How can i play backed up blu-ray movie disk on ps3 ? i don't want to buy a blu-ray player because i have ps3 with BD drive.

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    weii Guest
    Maybe only possible if you have OtherOS.

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    humi Guest
    convert the vid in AVCHD, it has PLS SPLIT support so you can split a 16gb vid in 4gb parts (for fat32) and play it directly in XMB without pauses.

    here is a nice tool for that stuff

    you can also create menus (like on a BD)


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    thehunter911 Guest
    Thank you very much for your answer, and i will do what you told me, but i thought it would be easier just put your BD movie in ps3 and play it, like any dvd movie.

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    ligator Guest
    So far the games can be copied and has been found according to one friend of mine who knows just hack consoles has worked with 2 sets of 10 that has been tested and the graphics down a little, the only thing to do is take the backup blu-ray and then putting it back in the pirate to go on the ps3. In addition we must also make some changes to the ps3 to go but said that still falls far at least we can play some decent games on our PS3 without having to buy them.

    Although that copies for PS3 say that if a game weighs 22GB PS3 would have to fit a bigger hard disk, I say this because according to that is what the game despite the War that came out at launch, but rather than good Hackers hack the PS3.

    But there, blu-ray copy is copied with a Blu-ray recorder, the only problem is that the PS3 is recognized as the original and that is more difficult, as it would be misleading the reader and CPU. We will have to wait a while but no less .. less then you think ... meantime, if you want to play backups, I recommend the Wii.

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