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    pullen69 Guest

    Blu-ray Images PS3 m2ts files

    I have recently discovered HD files in mt2s format which is great as they play fine on the ps3. I downloaded i am legend and it came in an .iso format, and for the life of me I can't seem to extract the .m2ts out it. Is there a special program I need to this?

    Also when streaming HD over wireless it can be laggy, has anybody used those new home plugs? Are they any better?

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    Starlight Guest
    Check out this sticky Guide: Decrypt Blu-Ray Movies with a PS3 WITHOUT keys as it has info on .m2ts files, but please do a serach first to make sure there is no info on a subject before starting a new thread, since you are a new member this is just a friendly reminder. Thanks.

    On the other part of your question i'm not sure on the home plugs.

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