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Thread: Blu-Ray Firmware extraction.

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    dghfdhbfghgfhfg Guest

    Blu-Ray Firmware extraction.

    Does anyone have a way of connecting the ps3 blu ray drive onto a pc so i can extract the firmware from it? If you dont know how to exactly than just make a guess but make sure its a decent guess.

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    Here is some info on the drive.. a start anyway

    PS3 Blu-ray Drive Pin-Out And Signal v0.1:

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    dghfdhbfghgfhfg Guest
    Looks good. I was thinking about putting wire in the slots on that and somehow wireing it up to my pc but then i thought my pc would new drivers for the device installed on it and i dont know where i can get the drivers. im not gonna solder anything on the br-d till i know it will acctually work. just incase anything does happen it would be nice if someone could find me a link to another br-d i could replace my ps3 with.

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    dghfdhbfghgfhfg Guest
    ok thanks. Now if i can get more tips on how to connect the br-d to my pc that would be great.

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    Maverik Guest
    anyone know for a good BR Burner for the pc?

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    Karuto Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Maverik View Post
    anyone know for a good BR Burner for the pc?
    This is the least expensive one I could find from a reputable company:

    This is also a pretty damn good deal, considering you're only about $10 above the price of getting a 25GB Bluray blank disk on top of the Liteon drive:

    But overall, you won't be seeing prices drop until Bluray is further embraced by the end of the year. Right now, there are so few Bluray burners that there isn't a real reason to lower the price. But considering companies like BenQ are releasing their burners in August, I can guarantee that the price will drop by around $100 by the end of the year. These are the same prices that DVD Burners were at before they became more plentiful, after all.

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    laichung Guest
    May I ask why you want to dump the firmware of the BD?

    You should dump the firmware in its Flash ROM by hardware.

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