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Thread: Blu-ray ejects from YLOD help?

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    barrybarryk Guest

    Blu-ray ejects from YLOD help?

    Someone has brought me a YLOD to repair but this one is a little different from any one I've done before.

    I've given it a reflow as usual and the YLOD is still there. That happens sometimes so I was just going to try it again but then I realised the Bluray drive still accepts and ejects discs before the YLOD comes in and knocks it off.

    I'm thinking maybe it's a software YLOD instead of the usual hardware fault so I figured I'd just ask if anyone else has come across a YLOD where the Bluray drive is still responsive (before I start trying to flash stuff and making things much much worse lol)

    it's a CECHH03 if it helps.

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    Natepig Guest
    I have nothing really helpful for you other than to tell you I have a cechh03 which ylod on me, and despite what most people say, i'm sure it was software induced. I tried everything to get it working but it just made it worse and now its tottaly dead. I think if you have the skills to flash its nor/nand then I think you should, I wish I had the skills and had done that before I killed it completely. Good luck and I hope you get it done.

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    joffe Guest
    You get an YLOD whenever something went wrong during booting up the system, starting from activating RSX, CellBE and rest of power supply, ending in configuring CellBE to start the OS. So you need to find the exact cause of the YLOD, not an easy task. Someone has hint out that duration of the green-light on gives a clue. So on short green light (1s) you probably have a hardware or powersupply error (try reflowing). On 2s green light you probably have a FLASH problem.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Not really what I'm after, but thanks anyway.

    Has anyone actually come across a YLOD where the Blu ray drive is still responsive?

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    cackalack Guest
    yes barry what's probably happened here is when the ps3 has YLOD'd someone must of done the eject trick where u keep the eject pressed to spit the game out, once this is done the blu ray drive remains functional, as for you being unsucessful with the reflow the GPU will be burned out, u shud get a good sign when stripping the cooling system the heatsink pad for the GPU will have had scorch marks because it's held on too long before shutting itself down (YLODing).

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    barrybarryk Guest
    I sorted this one today.

    Turns out there was a short on the PSU, looked like some rust or something had crossed a few tracks on the underside of the PCB. A quick clean (and more than a few small shocks lol) later all was well. Might be worth looking into for anyone having a similar problem.

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