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Thread: Blu-ray Drive issue (60GB) help?

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    Tamikaze Guest

    Blu-ray Drive issue (60GB) help?

    Hey, here again with another issue and this time its with a Blu-Ray drive for a 60GB PS3. I took my PS3 apart because i wanted to test the Blu-Ray drive in another PS3 (40GB) out of curiosity to see if it will work and obviously it didn't, but atleast i knew that there wasn't any drive issues with the console because i was able to eject game discs from the drive on the 40GB.

    I then took the drive out of the 40GB model and placed it back in the 60GB model and now when i boot up the console, the blu-ray drive starts to try insert a disc which isn't there (I can insert a disc which its doing this) until the console loads to the XMB and then i can't insert a disc but i can eject the disc. I do have another 60GB Blu-Ray drive which works just fine, buts it from a PAL launch model and its on the verge of dying because it takes the discs in rather slowly and it makes weirds noises. So i'd rather get the other one fixed instead of having to buy a new one.

    Forgot to add, it also does this in the 40GB model as well.

    Sorry that this isn't typed out very well, just ask if you want any more details. So anyone have any ideas?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    So no problems with the drive in the 40 GB and failures in the 60 GB ? Take a look at the cables you stick on the motherboard from the drive. What you also can try is to recover the whole system, maybe there is something wrong with the HDD (don't think so, but a try can't damage it).

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