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    realdealneal Guest
    ok the lens is replaced. Instead of buying just the lens it came with a deck as well so all i did was a switch the decks, but it still does the same thing. what else could be wrong.

    Question: once the disk is inserted does the deck get pushed up so that it catches the disk and make it spin?

    ok so i bought a new lens that came with a deck, but it still does the same thing. the disk is inserted and the disk doesn't spin. Here's the thing. does the deck get pushed up to the disk and then catches it to spin. what makes the deck go up?

    I'm running out of ideas. any test i can do to see if the laser moves? is there a motor problem?

    So i kept inserting the disk and it wants to spin and it does slowly but something is preventing it from spinning.

    so the disk turns a 1/4 of the way and then stops with a new lens and deck... what should i do now? is it still the laser?

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    joffe Guest
    When the disc starts spinning at least the laser gets focused on the BD/DVD correctly. Try to turn the BD/DVD settled on the spindle with the white magnetic disc holder by hand, it should turn very easy without any resistance. Maybe spindle motor or motor bearing is wrecked, or something is blocking the BD/DVD. If it turns well probably motor spindle driver is blown. Is 5V and 12V available on the drive supply connector?

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