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Thread: Blu Ray burnt out two consoles, is this even possible?

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    me0262 Guest

    Blu Ray burnt out two consoles, is this even possible?

    Okay, so I have two PS3s that were just burnt out from playing Iron Man 2.

    The first one is my main entertainment unit. I have enjoyed everything on this thing, even movies and TV shows over the network. I play Iron Man 2 today, and 34 minutes in, the screen freezes, the drive locks up (won't eject), and when I stick the disc back in, not recognized. I stick a DVD in, nothing. At first I think it's because the laser had finally went dead. In the interim, I bust out my second one from the closet.

    The second one is my dev station, an older PS3 that's still capable of running linux. The only disc access this has had is using a Gentoo LiveCD and an Ubuntu 10.04 alternate install disc. I hook it up, get the video settings squared. Pop the blu ray in, navigate the menu (yes, at this point it's working), but once I seek over to the scene I left off, the drive freezes, no video. Eject, doesn't eject. Once I finally do, I pop it back in, nothing. A DVD, nothing.

    Iron Man 2 has fried two of my PS3s, I'm sending a message to Paramount Home Entertainment.

    Is something like this even possible? That a disc can just systematically burn out two of my PS3s? And be repeatable? Unfortunately now that both of them are burned out, I have no others that are capable of playing this disc (the other one's a TEST).

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    bb01 Guest
    I've never heard of a blu-ray disk burning out 2 ps3's, i've seen & had blu-rays die on me, but not due to a blu-ray disk..

    I also have Iron Man 2 & it works fine in both my Blu-ray player & PS3..

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    dragonsan Guest
    i don't see the possibility that the game alone kills the whole console.

    If the game would be bad then all the other ppl who had played Iron Man 2 should have had this same issue. Id rather say thats some ac/dc electricity (overcurrent) problem or high temperature in your room.

    can't think for anything else.

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    morrisz Guest
    Just a question..

    Have you cut the power to your ps3's for a while, then turn them back on again and see if they work again?

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    me0262 Guest
    Hi everyone! I want to clarify that this is running the Iron Man 2 movie.

    Both PS3s were in a well ventilated area. The first was in the place it's always been, standing up alone in an open entertainment center cubby-hole. In the case of the second one, it was placed on the floor outside of the entertainment center.

    I have since replaced the laser in the first unit, and it works fine. I'm a little wary of running the movie again, since both lasers went out, and I don't have any money at the moment to replace the laser again.

    I also had shut down the PS3 for the night, and powered it back up with the same result: drive didn't work. Now that my backup is booted into linux, I'll see if it recognizes a disc now. Same thing, doesn't recognize a CD at all.

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    XXredXX Guest
    No, Not a chance.

    To even think a game specific title could or would contain data that could cause self destruction... nope.

    If that title had any type of history "matching yours" , there would have been lots of threads/talk already... there aren't.

    A bad case of coincidence could be the only explanation.

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