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Thread: Blu-Ray backup without splitting?

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    DarkArchon Guest

    Question Blu-Ray backup without splitting?

    Hey guys, just got a new hard drive to store all my movies n music on. I was just wanting to know if there is a way to play a legit blu-ray movie on the ps3 without the disk and not having to split it in some way? If you have to convert the file, what programs do you use (Quality from the converted movie)? And also sending the file to the ps3, what program you use? Thanks for the info guys.

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    rbf351 Guest
    if i'm correct there is no way to put a blu-ray image on the PS3 that will work. it's just too large in size

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    DarkArchon Guest
    I thought that the file system on the ps3 has no file limits? Im not sure if that would/wouldnt affect how a movie plays though. I have had some success that i have put on a blu-ray without it being corrupt, but the movie is sturrery and distorted. Even if it means me converting the movie from its natural m2ts, what would i change it to?

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    odrun Guest
    the maximum filesize on ps3 xmb is 4gb i think.
    let it split and then you can merge on pc.

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    DarkArchon Guest
    You should really do your homework before making bold claims about what the ps3 can handle ......

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    yotsu Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rbf351 View Post
    if i'm correct there is no way to put a blu-ray image on the PS3 that will work. it's just too large in size
    Wrong. The PS3 is able to play big video file. It depends. When you have a blu-ray encoded in MPEG2, the filesize does not matter (just rename the .mt2s file in .mpg), I have a 13 Gb file in my ps3 and it plays perfectly (Ice Age 2), the thing is if the blu-ray is encoded in AVC or VC-1 (most cases), in this case you'll have to re-encode your movie and split the entire movie in part of 4Gb, and also you should have a 720p video... if you want to play a 1080p you should split in 1.5 Gb -_- Don't know why yet :s

    Sorry for my poor english

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    DarkArchon Guest
    Thanks for the reply, I thought that movies can be played over 4gb cuz i have a dvd rip on my ps3 thats 5gb in a mpeg format. I used vilvic media centre to send the file over from my laptop to my ps3 via a wired router. I was hoping i could do something similar with a blu-ray rip? I dont think i have tried this, but il try some time soon. Will post up the results.

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    yotsu Guest
    Yes, i think that your dvdrip will play perfectly if it's a mpeg format, size no matter. I'm still searchin' for a way to playback an entire blu-ray encoded in AVC/VC-1... i hope sony will fix that limitation prob' in the next firmwares.

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    DarkArchon Guest
    let me know if you find anything useful, thanks.

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