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Thread: Blu-ray Backup help

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    neovo888 Guest

    Blu-ray Backup help

    sorry if this is another post about back ups i followed theses steps:-
    1. Ran SAK, ripped BD movie to Ext HDD
    2. Merged ISO onto PC - NTFS
    3. Mounted ISO
    4. Used AnyDVD HD to rip
    5. Took largest m2TS file, and split it in 3.5/gb pieces (10 total) using HDBDSplitGUI
    6. Put renamed 00001.m2ts - 00010.m2ts back onto ext fat32 HDD
    7. connected to PS3, selected Video > USB hit triangle "select all"
    8. First file plays awesome!!! sound excellent (hit triangle - info - said Dolby Digital)!!
    9. Part 5 of the m2ts splits said "Data is corrupt" while others were

    Interesting item with Step 5... I had actually tried a generic file splitter (File Splitter 1.31) before I used HDBDSplitGUI, and it gave me 3 unsupported data files that wouldn't play, and another one that was just plain corrupt. I'm wondering if it's "split sensitive" as far as the M2TS files go.

    I had split the files 3800MB sections, giving me 10. I'm going to try and do 3700MB, see if it comes up any different.
    I have managed to backup Rush Hour 3 to a external FAT32 HDD, then merged them together to get 1 ISO file. I mounted the ISO then used the latest version of AnyDVD HD and rip it to my NTFS HDD. Now I hit a problem, I used HDBDSplitGUI to split the biggest m2ts file it to 3.7GB chunks. When I copy theses files to my FAT32 external HDD and connect it to the PS3, it says on the PS3 “unsupported data”

    What could be the problem is anyone could shed some light I would much appreciate it?

    Also when I try to play the biggest m2ts file after using AnyDVD or playing the spilt m2ts files on the pc nothing plays, I used VLC player and Nero show time. The funny thing as well is when I used TsRemux and select the output format to blu ray, and burn it to DVD (Using nero UDF 2.50) it plays on the PS3 without sound

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    CJPC Guest
    Ideally I would make sure the original ripped m2TS file is okay, as in try to play it back on your PC first before you split it, to help rule anything out.

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