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    goliatham Guest

    blank screen after PS3 update help?

    I just tried updating to 3.61. It goes through entire installation (reaches 100%), then goes black (except for about 50-100 seemingly random pixels). I've tried leaving it there, it never changes. I've tried turning it off by holding the I/O button. It will turn off, but I cant ever get it to restart.

    I can't get it to boot into safe mode either. After some period of rest (in standby) I can get it to turn on and attempt install again, but it keeps getting stuck on the black screen.

    Any ideas? I don't have another HDD to try.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    More info might be useful here to pinpoint the possible source of the problem:

    - What model / region of PS3 you have?
    - What version of FW it had before?
    - Have you used any CFW / JB before?
    - Have you upgraded hard drive in it?
    - Any faults or problems before - either with hard drive ot BD drive?

    As a start - I'd try to go recovery menu and do the database rebuild or reinstall the the same FW you have at the moment (the one you're trying to update from) in there and then try the update again or you can also try to run 3.61 update directly from recovery menu. If you can still get back to XMB with the current / old CFW it might be worth to try to reformat the hard drive (but indeed losing all it's content so do so only if you have backed up everything or if you don't mind).

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