I received my blackcat v1.7 this morning and I passed about 4-5 horus on it trying to make it works !
I now thinking that the board is not working !!

What I tried:
- folowing the tutorial from here windows Windows 7 64bits, I get the "could not open USB Device" message while trying to connect with FLIP 3.4.2.
- Tried the same thing with FLIP 3.4.1 Same thing.
- As the tutorial says, if I get that message, then I should try with XP mode. I already had a XP Pro 32bits in VMware Player, it gave me the same error.
- Tried with a real XP Pro box at the office, get the same " Could not Open USB device "
I tried 3 different drive including the one signed for WIndows 7, I see it correctly in my device manager, still no go !

I cannot see any differents in the Device manager or on the board when I m in DFU mode.
The blue light only turn on only when I press the button but shuts off as soon as I release it, and it is always written AT90USB162 correctly in the deivice manager even if not in DFU mode !

Any help would be highly appreciated !

Tkx in advance

Forgot to tell, I also tried with the blackcat software, and it says that the device is not connected !!

What Am I doing wrong !!
My Windows 7 is in french, but I also tried on Windows 7 32Bit in english

I've been finaly able to have the status "Connected" on the blackcat software!
But still no go with FLIP and I cannot flash with Blackcat software !

If I go into an other VMware player in XP, I cannot install the driver !
It s like VMware does not support those driver !