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    IHM Guest

    Blackbox ftp wont upload DIRS ?

    Hi all.

    After having my PS3 and PC running perfectly on WIN XP, i just updated to WIN 7, still using the the same Console and Blackbox ftp 1.2, and Filezilla prog, i have just noticed this, not sure if tis a win 7 thing or i have done something to the PS3?

    For the life of me i cannot get anything but single files to upload, it works fine, but when i try to upload a game dir, it just sits there forever?.

    So i manually create the GAME dir, and then drag the contents into it and it uploads fine.

    Is this a permissions problem or something, i don't understand because it was running fine before.

    Don't get it ?? - PS this only seems to be the first DIR, once i have created a DIR, i can place other DIRS inside no problem.

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    FMAranda Guest
    Yes, i was having this issue, once you create a folder, the upload works well, i think that is a problem with Blackbox because when i use multiMAN as FTP server i don't have this problem.

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    Sti2nr Guest
    It is a blackbox thing. I am having the same issue.

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