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    black screen when opening any app or homebrew?

    hi guys, plz help me i am in big trouble.. i have ps3 60gb ntsc

    i was playing heavy rain and suddenly the console just restarted and when i try to open the open manager application it give me black screen and the console hang and when i press the home button nothing happen.

    then i tried gaia manager"the last one"and ftp and even multiman they all give me black screen.

    the only manager that works for me is the simple manager avchd. i use hermes v4 on a 18f2550 board and my tv has avi input only "so i have no hdmi"

    any solution ?

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    Mar 2010
    I actully had apps disappear on me, have you tried reinstalling the apps?

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    yes, i tried reinstall and i even cleared the 18f board and installed hermes v4 again.

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    have you tried maybe a different D/L source for the payload (could be bad)

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    i don't think that the error in payload because it can load avchd and the emulators, but it can't load gaia, multiman and open manager although i will try another source.

    but plz if anyone have another solution let me know.

    thanks all i solved it

    i thought when i press load hex"in the pic programer"that mean it's updated

    then i saw program now button i pushed it and it said programing succ

    i was using the oldest payload fora long time and i didn't know

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