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    pkc415 Guest

    black screen on start up help?


    I'm kind of a newb to this jailbreak thing. I recently just bought a jailbreak dongle & installed open manager V2.1H w/hermes V4B hex. Most of my games work by copying into internal hdd & running it w/ the open manager. But there a few that don't work (ie. split/sec., medal of honor, COD black ops), just a black screen when trying to run.

    I've been searching everywhere to find the answer but seems like most ppl are running some other software. Can someone shed some light for me? Thank you

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pkc415 View Post
    I've been searching everywhere to find the answer but seems like most ppl are running some other software
    And you didn't think maybe that was the problem? I use deanrr's multiMAN backup manager and don't have this problem because it patches the sfo on the fly which fixes alot of those black screen errors.

    Another reason could be if a game has a file larger than 4gb and is copied to an external harddrive the large file is split up for the game to run it needs to be copied over to the ps3 internal hdd to merge the split file together again. multiMAN takes care of this on the fly also.

    Long story short, try using multiMAN and if a game doesn't work try it on the internal hdd.

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    pkc415 Guest
    Thanks! I'm gonna give it a try! So if I use this program to backup games, it will all work?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    I'm not sure, but post back if it doesn't and i'll try to help.

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    3xodus Guest
    The ones you listed require 'special procedures' to run on JB'ed 3.41 systems. Refer these threads, it should help:

    Medal of Honor:
    and (This is newer)

    CoD: Black Ops:

    Split/Second Velocity: (It still doesn't work yet though)

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    Mad Lion Guest
    For COD it must be patched first. (You have tutorial in upper post)

    You must have one original disc in drive. (COD BL is one of few games which need that)

    When you run COD BL with any manager it goes back to XMB without error or anything. That is normal. Now if you schroll to original game disc you will notice it changed to COD BL.

    Run it. That's it.

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