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Thread: Black screen after lauching PS3 game help?

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    addyhartman Guest

    Black screen after lauching PS3 game help?


    I am using amazebreak with hermes v4 and Backup Manager 2.1H. I have got a extern hard drive Western digital My Book 1TB. I formated to FAT32 1 partition with 936GB. I transferd some games on it in the dirctory /GAMEZ. When i Launch a game with Backup manager 2.1 it restart its self and it goes back to the OS.

    After that i go to GAME then i go to app_home the game will apear there. When i press it, it loads up but freezes in a black screen

    i use the patch button 3.41 in Backup manager 2.1 But do i need to edit the PARAM.SFO as well? And i have a WD My book with all the games on it in the folder /GAMEZ

    There is also a option for loading from Intern HD or external where should i leave it on? Do i need to CHMOD Them? I have go a 1080p screen with HDMI on highest preset does it matter?

    Currently i have NBA Jam,NBA 2k2011,Sonic All star raching, Ninja gaiden sigma. I already installed the patch for nba jam.

    Please help and make my day.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    insert an original game in the drive and launch the game from the blu ray icon instead of app home.

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    ben2005 Guest
    Try concentrating one getting one game backup you know that should work (check compatible list)

    Make sure all the files of the game are there and in there correct folders.

    Let us know if your still getting a black screen after trying this.

    Hope it helps :-)

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    addyhartman Guest
    Some games work like NBA 2K11 and Ninja gaiden sigma and ninja gaiden sigma 2

    But NBA Jam doesn't work ad all EUR and USA i installed the patch. Booted with disk and without.

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    Mad Lion Guest
    Maybe you should try with other backup manager? Multiman or Gaia for example.

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    robemmerson Guest
    Have you tried using Gaia Manager or Open Manager with 'Mem Patch mode' on Hermes v4B? I know this fixes games such as MGS4 and might be worth a try!

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    lindwurm Guest
    hello... have you update your amazebreak dongle with the latest update? (amazebreak update file 11 or amazebreak upgrade file 9 )... i agreed with our friends... check the game compatibility, copy the games to internal, try to use other manager or if you still wanna use open BM 2.1 you can download and install open BM 2.1 I because more stable and fix the bug they had before... and check your game size, is it correct size or not and if you find it less than the actual size try to copy from BD again.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    NBA 2k11 needs patch mode or "mem patch" to be on to run, like it says in the compatibility list.

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