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    Black ops Jailbreak Online Update help?

    Today i signed into psn with my jailbroken ps3 (psn payload), loaded up black ops and then was prompted to update black ops (1.03 update) so i chose yes to update. The updated downloaded and installed as normal and then the screen turned black and the ps3 froze (left it for a couple of minutes... didn't respond) so i restarded my ps3 and signed into psn again and then loaded black ops, now as i try to load black ops it doesnt load anymore (just a black screen) and freezes my ps3.

    so i deleted the update from the ps3 and tried to start the game again and it ran fine. But obviously i cant play online without the new update... what should i do?

    The update didnt do this only one time, i tried to update multiple times and had the same problem and had to delete the update for the game to run again.

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    any solution?

    Same here, any solution for this?

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    Yep, if anyone knows a solution it would be greatly appreciated.

    NisteR, did you have the exact same problem as me?

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    same with me, please help us

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    yes, the same problem.

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    here's the solution.. what you need to do is do the orginal fix with the mp files and the 1.02 debug update found in another thread and take the param.sfo from the update and edit to to change the app version from 1.02 to 1.03 and then you can sign in and still play online.

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    use the same as the other copy and paste 1.02 method! (do it starting from a 1.02 copy and paste version, don't do it from a clean version).

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    Yeh, if you could write a more detailed explanation and where to get the files and what to do with them it would be a big help.

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    what are the mp files, i understand everything else, if you could make a tutorial it would help.

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