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Thread: Black Ops: I don't know what to do?

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    chomps268 Guest

    Black Ops: I don't know what to do?

    Alright, so as all of you know, Black Ops will be coming out in 2 days. I'm actually contemplating updating my ps3 and ditching jailbreaking... The online gameplay looks soooo intriguing =[ I don't want to miss out, and I want to be involved in the online rapage since day 1... If any of you were around for the release of MW2, and you know how that went...

    Well, I'm positive this will be 20x bigger and better. What do you guys think about this, I need some opinions. I'm still not sure whether it's worth doing or not but... I'm at the point where, I'm sooo close to going down to gamestop and pre-ordering the $80 one, so I can get the old nazi zombie maps aswell.

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    kylepsp Guest
    Hopefully the new psjailbreak update will let us update to 3.50 and still be jailbroken. I feel your pain though.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Craigslist, you can find PS3 for $200 or less. Not worth losing functionality over a handful of games.

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    DeMoN064 Guest
    You realize that if you update your PS3 to get on PSN after all the Jailbreaking you did, there is a very good chance Sony might issue out a banhammer in the near future for any system that ran the jailbreak.

    So you would have updated for nothing as your system might get banned anyways, why lose the ability of jailbreaking if your system might be banned from PSN anyways? Then you lose it all if that happens. And it could very well happen.

    Do what I did, get yourself a 2nd hand unit for online purposes. I bought a used PS3 on eBay with a bad lens, why a bad lens? So the cost would be cheaper, I spent only 102$ for a unit that works perfect, only the lens is bad, then I swapped out my good lens from the jailbreaked system into the used system. Now the system can get online and play COD.

    Jailbreaked systems can play games without a disc in the drive, soon there will be an update where all games will work without a disc, rendering your blueray drive useless. Thats why I pulled out the good lens, and put it into the system I bought on eBay.

    Now I am ready for Black ops.

    You update your system you are risking a ban, Sony will know you ran jailbreak. Its a risk. But good luck with whatever you do.

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    chomps268 Guest
    Jobless... I've got like $150 I beleive, so either way, I couldn't get a new ps3 + the game.

    I miss playing online, and seeing the trailors for online gameplay was just too hard xD It hit me deep man, I really wanna be involved in that. Plus, I <3 Nazi Zombies... I could literally play black ops night and day.

    Do you guys honestly think we'll end up getting the whole 3.50 update thing? Should I wait this one out..? =/ Cuz I mean, if I don't pre-order the blackened edition then I won't get the 4 old nazi zombies maps, which I want. I'm like really borderline at this point. I mean, I'm so against updating but black ops makes me want to touch myself...

    To unjailbreak or not to unjailbreak... that is the question!

    ^Man who posted above me, you're brilliant... I'm getting right on that

    I'm going to the concert today, I'll put some $$$ in my bank account and buy a ps3 off ebay with a screwed lens. Uhhhm, any reccomended model?

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    tremendazo Guest
    local pawnshops had the fat ones for 130, i personally bough a slim for 180 (because scared of YLOD) problems. I'm just like you, love MW2 and looking forward to Tuesday!

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    DeMoN064 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by chomps268 View Post

    ^Man who posted above me, you're brilliant... I'm getting right on that

    I'm going to the concert today, I'll put some $$$ in my bank account and buy a ps3 off ebay with a screwed lens. Uhhhm, any reccomended model?

    Check your systems model number, and make sure the unit you get uses the same Blueray lens as your jailbreaked unit.

    Example: Jailbreaked 40BG model CECHGxx uses lens KES-400A

    You must get a used unit that uses that same lens model. A PS3 Model 40GB CECHHxx uses the same lens as the CECHGxx.

    Refer to google to find out what lens model you have, and buy that same unit on eBay.

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    chomps268 Guest
    Ugh... I've got a 250gb slim, so I can already tell this is going to be a pain.

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    DeMoN064 Guest
    Yep, slims are way rare especially 250GB models. Also Slims will be a bit more expensive even with a bad lens, especially if it comes with 250GB.

    PS3 PHAT units are way easier to get.

    My suggestion buy a PS3 PHAT with broken lens, then purchase a working lens for the unit, new lens can cost up to $50-$70 dollars though.

    Search eBay for Slim model though, you might get lucky. Good luck.

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    chomps268 Guest
    So if I just straight up bought a phat, I'd spending about $150 on that total.

    Also thanks for finding that listing. I browsed through it, but there were a few things it said that worried me.

    So that makes me think, other than it not recognizing discs, that it just flat out doesn't even power on. It kinda seems like he's being too bland.

    I'm gonna need more money...

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