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Thread: Black Ops 2 PS3 DLC maps gone help?

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    dondolo Guest

    Black Ops 2 PS3 DLC maps gone help?

    hi to all. i have bo2 on 4.30...

    i installed revolution, everything was fine, cause i palyed al the dlc maps (mirage, etc) then i decided to install the other dlc (with studio, magma etc)... when i installed the second dlc, the firt one is litterally gone, no more maps, not even once... why?? any chance to fix it? how is possible that those maps are just gone??

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    JeoWay Guest
    Did you try creating a new folder in the same directory as the other map folder and copy the files into that folder?

    That should work. Or create a folder where you current map files and copy them into that folder.

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    Greylist Guest
    maps where?

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