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Thread: Black Ops 2 Hacks and Mods help?

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    Black Ops 2 Hacks and Mods help?

    Hey guys, I've had Call of Duty Black Ops ll for about two years and I beat the campaign in like the first couple of minutes and the multiplayer portion has held me on the series for a long time!!

    Lol I've gotten diamond assault rifles and all. But it's gotten real boring and really repetitive. So I was wondering if anyone can MOD my profile.

    Just so I can experience something new. I have two accounts on PSN. So I'll switch back and forth. But can anyone MOD my PSN (ambitiousman_) if anyone can help, it'll be greatly appreciated.

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    There are several CoD:BO2 modding tools available, here is one example on a search:

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