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Thread: Black box with the PS3 game ID help?

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    Zer0z Guest

    Black box with the PS3 game ID help?

    Hi all,

    Recently I have been having trouble transferring games to my PS3 via FTP. When I transfer to the GAMES dir on the internal HDD in MM 4.x on Rogero 4.x I get a black box with the game ID.

    I try to load the game and MM fixes the permission and exits to the XMB but I get the corrupt disc icon. I tried transferring with FlashFXP and Filezilla using MM FTP server and BlackBOx FTP and it still happens.

    I thought maybe the game is corrupt but it happens with all games to the HDD to my external USB the games are fine.

    Does anyone have any idea on why this is happening and is there a fix.


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    GotNoUsername Guest
    This normally happens when you FTP doesn't transfer the whole files only parts of it.Mostly it is caused by connection hick ups you shouldn't use WLAN for game tranfers it often is the cause.

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    Zer0z Guest
    Ah makes sense, whats the best way to make transfers to the PS3 besides WLAN from an NTFS drive. I know I can use the PFS driver in MM it just kind of a pain to disconnect my drives to transfer one game.

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    Use an Ethernet Cable.

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