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Thread: Black Box FTP Questions- Pls Help

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    vicvicious Guest

    Black Box FTP Questions- Pls Help

    1) I obtained a Cat 6 crossover ethernet cable- do i literally connect it to my labtop & the ethernet port in my PS3 to increase the speed when transfering files?- im currently using a modem.

    2) When downloading "files" to transfer over- im downloading files ranging from 7gb -to about 37gb total ( all in 1gb parts+ one at a time). my current speed is about 70KB. per second, at this rate ea. part takes about 3-4 hrs to download, which comes out to minimum 20- 25 hrs total for smaller files.

    Does everyone go through this? I mean, does every download take this long? or am i downloading extra files/ the wrong method? any hints or personal experinces welcome...

    3)When I DO complete my download (currently in 7 parts) how might i put all of them together to create one BLUS file?

    Thank You to all the amazing & talented people for their hard work & any and every answer would be appreciated- i've been wondering and looking for info on these subjects for awhile now & I know it would really help me for a long time to come.

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    marc2590 Guest
    1. yes just connect your PS3 directly to your pc for faster speeds
    2. yea games are pretty huge. oops i mean "files". yea you're downloading the right stuff. it does take forever so you might be better off renting these "files"
    3. they are probably .rar files so double click on the one that says filename.rar or if its not there then double click on the one with the lowest number (filename.r00 or filename.r01)

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    kamenrider Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by vicvicious View Post
    speed is about 70KB. per second
    OMG! you're using 56k modem? Do you not have broadband where you are?

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    Chrelin Guest
    As marc2590 mentioned, renting games would be the better option. In regards to opening the contents of the files. As most ps releases are either in rar format and some in 7z. So i'd suggest you get 7zip. Once all files are downloaded, simply extract or join them, Which ever is the case.

    I assuming you are downloading from filehosting eg rapidshare etc.. Given the whole all in 1gb parts+ one at a time. As long are so get the downloads it doesnt really matter. when you say "my current speed is about 70KB. per second" is that average speed on a daily basis ? I used to live in shared accomodation and the download speed was abysmall. Only to find out my mates were using newsgroups. NZB totally kills bandwidth, literally!!!

    Well everyone has different download speeds, the question is how long are you willing to wait till the download finishes moreover which ps3 games are you downloading. As there are the small sized ones eg Ninja gaiden <5Gb to games like Resistance| god of War 3 > 15 Gb. Personally, I stay away from anything over 15GB. With 15Gb it should take me close to 8hours. I just cant stand waiting too long, besides I hate leaving my backlog of downloads and laptop on too long.

    Another program you will need is a good ftp program - use FlashFXP. Simply connect to the Ip as stated from the PS Settings >> System information dash board. I've been using flashfxp since xbox1 hack and it hasnt failed me and very easy to use.

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    vicvicious Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kamenrider View Post
    OMG! you're using 56k modem? Do you not have broadband where you are?
    I do have Broadband- but im dwnloading off of a file hosting site- which i guess if ur not a member you top out at 56k- is this my problem? do i need to go somewere else were my speeds could be higher? if so can any1 point me in the right direction because at this rate im looking at 1complete file per/ week roughly- does every1 experience this as well?

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    marc2590 Guest
    no 70 kB/s = ~1mbps internet download speed which is pretty much the lowest broadband available nowadays. you might get better speeds off torrents it should be around 100kB/s but its probably because the games arent well seeded/ too many leechers.

    if you want you can do a speed test online but make sure that its measuring 'kilobytes' NOT 'kilobits' as kilobytes are whats being measured while downloading stuff online.

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    vicvicious Guest

    Thanx Marc

    Yea, did the speed test and found out that im getting ripped off for my "DSL"- im basically averaging 35 kilobytes /sec. This is no doubt contributing to the endless hours of ONE download.( although, this # is with my download going).

    I will have been downloading for 24 hrs str8 and im roughly 1/3 done with my download(LOL). I will no doubt be changing my "DSL" provider.

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