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Thread: BL2 Profile Editing Question help?

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    Meudian Guest

    BL2 Profile Editing Question help?

    Looking for a way to edit my BL2 profile information like keys and bonus stats. Beat the game several times over and looking to have fun. Anyone know a way to do this?

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    JeoWay Guest
    Not for such a specific game. I have a guide over in the tutorials section. You can decrypt and edit whatever you want and resign it.

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    Meudian Guest
    Well, I found that the bonus stats are not really tied to one character and you would have to edit those through the profile like you have to with the 360.

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    JeoWay Guest
    Most of "stats" are a special Hex Edit. Similar to if you ever platinum modded MW2 on PS3.

    Normally some stats are held some around the 1st to 5th line of hex code. Look there and see if you can obtain any info on that specific game.

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