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    Bioshock 2 USA very bad looking?

    hello, i don't know ho to say it but my version of Bioshock 2 (USA) looks realy terible, the wather effects are good but some textures (most of them) looks like it's a ps2 game. Does anyone else have this problem. maybe its because its backuped to internal hdd ?

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    Give us a screenshot!

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    Surelly (method of) backup will have zero to none influence on the quality of the graphics or the game over all - it would either work as intended or not at all - apart of variable loading times so I doubt that's the source of your problem.

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    having a copy of the game to the Internal HDD would not change the games looks You may want to look around in the display settings on the PS3 "If using a HD tv"

    For Best Quality use a HDMI and set 1080p or 720p.

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