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    [UnAnswered] big big problem with ps3 don't load disc

    after bugg system "when i play"in fifa08 online" i reboot ps3 and after that all games or blu-ray don't loaded
    can u give solution or tips to fix it plz or this is probleme with lens and sould be changed ????

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    put face down the ps3 system and insert BR-DISC, this is a solution on my ps3 system.

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    Sounds like the optical block. Do you hear the disc spining and the sled motor moving ?

    If you hear a tapping noise the block is faulty or dirty.

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    Jul 2008
    I had the same problem and I ended up having to replace my system, which was still under warranty. I suggest you call Sony, they were very courteous and quick in their service to me.

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    If it is under warranty then just send it in, they have tons of replacement units at Sony and should take less than 3 weeks. Try the fan test method mentioned above or the BD disc and turn the ps3 upside down, but becareful because this is not the safest repair method.

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