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Thread: Best PS3 multiplayer games? (and why)

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    RobG Guest

    Best PS3 multiplayer games? (and why)

    I bought a PS3 last week. I LOVE this thing. It does way more than I thought it would. I got a PS2 back in 2000 and loved it for several years, then it started collecting dust and I hadn't touched it in forever. The PS3 has revived all that.

    I live most of the time in San Jose (CA) due to work. But my wife lives in Reno (NV). I want to get a PS3 for her, and am wondering what are some really good multiplayer games? This was actually my wife's idea, which I thought was pretty cool... though she actually though the Wii would be the better choice (doh).

    She probably isn't going to be into racing type games, unless they're fairly easy to learn. She did enjoyed SSX on the PS2. She might enjoy some shooters, and I know she'd enjoy some of the fighting games, since she's been taking Karate for the last few years.

    Any suggestions? I've been reading all the various reviews, like on IGN, but most of them don't talk much about multiplayer capabilities.



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    I can't say I have any personal recommendations as I myself have only played a few single-player PS3 games to date.

    However, I did +Rep ya for starting this thread and will +Rep all who reply with a recommendation of their own and why.

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    SNaHHaN Guest
    I would definitely suggest LittleBigPlanet as a start.

    You can play the story mode through online multiplayer. (Say your wife is in NV and you're in CA, you can both get on at the same time, and work through the story mode.) You can also, together, play through all of the custom-made levels people have made. [It is very easy to join a person you want to play with in online multiplayer compared to other online multiplayer games!]

    Best of all, women seem to like LittleBigPlanet; some even call it a "girlfriend" or "chick" game because they actually play it! Oh, and make sure you show her she can change her LittleBigPerson's costume to some cute outfit.

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    DrEmmettBrown Guest
    If you like shooters game, try killzone 2, online sensations are amazing.The resistances one (1 & 2) and metal gear solid 4 are not bad too
    Big planet is also a very good choice, the online community is huge and build is own level and put them online is great hehe. Hope it'll help you a bit and congrats for your ps3

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    ati93 Guest
    if you like fps , try call of duty 4 or 5 . I think its best online shooter game on ps3 . There is a lot of rifles . There are plenty of interesting challenges to make . This is my opinion . Killzone and rainbow six vegas are good too .

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    makman Guest

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    I would definitely recommend Call of Duty World at War. The new online co-op mode would be perfect for you and your wife while you're in San Jose. Additionally, it is one of the hottest games for online play right now as with the other COD's. New features like calling the dogs, a flame thrower, incentives for prestige and a recently added map pack make the online experience just all that more addictive.

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    beatbionic Guest
    LittleBigPlanet is a must for multiplayer. Also, as far as shooters go, everyone else suggested some great ones, but I would also recommend trying Battlefield: Bad Company. Single player is fun, and the multiplayer is pretty fun. It's a little different than most traditional "kill everyone but you/your team" multiplayer. It's more of an attack/defend style of game. Worth a rental at least, in my opinion.

    If you want a great party game, Buzz! Quiz TV is really cool. Not only do you have the 4 player format, but you also have the online mode where you can actually play as a team of up to 4 people on your PS3 against anyone else's team over the internet.

    Another great multiplayer game, if you have the cash, is Rock Band. It's great with 4 people, but it's still just as fun with 2.

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    Oelth Guest
    Personally, I think Little Big Planet's the best multiplayer game on the Playstation 3.

    Firstly because the game principle is very innovative and fun.
    Moreover you have a very large choice of character modifications.

    What can I say about the graphics ? They are simply superbs (and the possibilities of level building are awesomes) !
    The only bad point who I can find on this game is some musics who are very repetitives.

    But for me it's really the best multiplayer game on the Playstation 3 (I've earned the PS3 for this game).

    PS : Excuse me for my bad English, I'm French =/

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    maniac77 Guest

    multiplayer games

    Well well well, Multiplayer games?. . .there are so many out there it all depends on what your into I guess. Personally myself suggest COD5 its great not only for campaign mode live. Which would allow you and your wife to fight thru the times of ww2. But also the many other game modes you can play in. The game play is so advanced and realistic, it just doesnt get any better, rent it, try it, buy it.

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    Valauliver Guest
    My recommendations are:

    Little Big Planet - Most fun game I have ever played, it is boring without more than one sackboy, seriously you both will have so much fun with it

    Killzone 2 - By far the best FPS, the online is some of the best experience in a game I have ever had on the PS3, but sadly you can't both play at the same time

    Street Fight IV - I haven't bought this I personally am not into these type of games but as your wife likes Karate this should be up her street and perhaps she could kick your butt :P

    And then there are others such as Resistance 2 co-op mode, Call of Duty 4 and 5, and many others

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