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Thread: Best PS3 multiplayer games? (and why)

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    RobG Guest
    Thanks to everybody for their replies so far!!

    I ordered LittleBigPlanet (eBay) so it should be here in a few days. I'm also trying to find COD:WaW and Killzone 2 on there for a decent price.


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    MikeyBonez Guest
    Here are a few names that haven't been thrown into the mix, Mercenaries 2 and GTA IV. Both are good shooters and Mercs2 boasts true drop in/drop out co-op so either of you can go at it til the other wants to hop back in. I've seen GTA IV multi-player in a few videos and it at least seems like a good bit of fun.

    Another thing, why not try a local store like Game Stop or Block Buster for the games? Ebay might be cheaper but it's easier to get ripped off that way

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    tomski32 Guest
    a must have multiplayer shooter is killzone 2... the gameplay is brilliant and it looks fantastic on a hd television.

    so i would say buy killzone 2!!!

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    My suggestions would have to be;

    Killzone 2 - Probably the best First Person Shooter on the PS3, and once you've had enough of the Online play, the campaign is really good.

    GTAIV - Open world online fun, not really much to say about it since it is GTA, get online get in a game and kill anything that moves, over a massively open city.

    Warhawk - Slightly older game, its a bit like battlefield 2 but faster paced, I really enjoy it personally.

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    padreto Guest

    Shooter Suggestion's: Army of Two; Conflict: Denied Ops and Resistance: Fall of Man.

    You can try all of this games from PS3 Store (Demo), and then buy the game that like it.

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    rocairs Guest
    Seeing as how you mentioned SSX for Ps2 I'm going to recommend PURE because it's a beautiful looking racing game that supports multiplayer. Of course Cod4 and world at war for Fps. Street fighter 4 and soul calibur 4 for fighting game genres.

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    RobG Guest
    Hey, Pure looks pretty cool! I'll have to get that one. It looks like SSX but with quads. Sweet!

    I got Fallout 3 in the mail yesterday. It's.... interesting. I'll have to play it some more. I decided to sell Resistance: Fall of Man and also Shaun White Snowboarding (both are now on eBay).

    Super kudos again to Valauliver for recommending LittleBigPlanet! That game is so freakin' cool. The visuals are amazing. For a platformer, it's just plain slick.


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