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    Question Best PS3 Games with/without motion for my 4 year old?

    I am new to PS3 Gaming, born this week as the question state, Can someone help me select best games for my 4 year old boy.

    I have following PS3. Sony PS3 12GB with Move Starter Pack & Move Game

    My boy liked and played following:
    Tekken 6 - without motion (bought with ps3)
    Shoot - Demo version motion game (only 1 level is playable).
    Start the Party - Motion Game

    Please recommend me games which I can buy and download from internet. Note: My hard disk has limitaions it is only 12 GB.

    Thanks and eagerly waiting for answers. Cant resist to play with HDMI and crystal clarity.

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    I'd say Sly Cooper series, Jak & Daxter, Toy story 3 & Mania, Order Up (very good game), Tekken Tag 2.

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