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Thread: Best online PS3 game?

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    mark786 Guest

    Best online PS3 game?

    any suggestions?

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    MrFloppi Guest
    well... i played few games online now... (maybe 4-5) but my ABSOLUTE favorite is burnout paradise... easy to get online, easy to get offline and just PURE fun if u like burnout.

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    imec Guest
    Call of Duty 4 is extremely nice, it's similar to the Battlefield series except it's a little bit faster paced/sporadic (due to sometimes strange spawn patterns). You achieve ranks and are assigned different challenges (you can even unlock golden weapons if you're good enough). So yeah, gameplay-wise it's a decent game, but the "leveling-up" makes it addicting.

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    Psychosanity Guest
    Metal Gear Solid 4 is my pick.

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    moneycash84 Guest
    Battlefield bad company, and warhawk are very great online games for the ps3. Also check out socom confrontation when it hits store shelves.

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    If you are a FPS fan, get call of duty 4 at least you will get the first prestige and do the single player game, which is around 40 hours or 50 hours long. Some people complete 10 prestiges in call of duty 4 and Ive seen people with up to 40 days of online gameplay.

    the game is 40 dollars right now and you get the map pack with it if you buy the game of the year edition, its a robust game worth looking at if you want a good online experience.

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    rioener Guest
    Ressistance fall of man

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    songbo Guest
    Metal Gear Solid 4 is also my pick.

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    reishejr Guest


    i am getting ps2 games, what game should i get?

    can anyone recommend any game?

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    spido Guest
    i choose GT 5 Prologue for playing online, itīs very good.

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