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    For PS2 games I'd recommend Battlefield 2:Modern Combat... I love that game! For PS3 titles Burnout looks really good I'm about to get that!

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    Sep 2008
    GT5 Prologue is good and i like metal gear online

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    i wud hav 2 say gh3, i just love beating ppl in a pro face-off

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    Sep 2008
    Oh, for PS2 games (you mean online/multiplayer games right?) Killzone has to be number one. Yeah, the single player is bland and the characters are pretty static, but the multiplayer is the funnest I have ever played on a console (although I just played split screen, so I don't know if anyone plays it online anymore).

    The weapons are nice and balanced (a sniper has to have good reflexes and spotting enemies in cover is realistically difficult) and the bots provide a decent challenge if you set them up all the way (I had trouble winning the round on certain levels, even with the help of a teammate).

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    Jun 2007
    GTA4 multiplayer online games - easy to go online and lot of fun :P

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    my pick hands down is Call Of Duty 4. i've been playing online since it came out. i also play grand theft auto IV online but its not the same online, it gets boring quick

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    my favorit is Ressistance fall of man!!

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    I would have to say either MGO, COD4 or Motorstorm...

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    Jul 2008
    Battlefield Bad Company!!!

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    I'm playing warhawk. it's very good!

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