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Thread: Best FTP client for PS3FTP Server, Problems?

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    IHM Guest

    Best FTP client for PS3FTP Server, Problems?

    Hi all, i am currently using FileZilla for the PS3FTP Server, i am trying to copy Resistance fall of man from the internal drive back to my pc, as there is no transfer option in backup manager yet to directly transfer to my external.

    However i keep getting strange errors like, invalid argument transfer failed, or there is a filename with more than 1000 charaters transfer failed. What client do you guys use?

    Guys i also just noticed that not only can i not copy this over from the ftp, it also will not boot, just resets to the xmb, but compatability list says that its ok? I dont get it?

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    febag92 Guest
    Use a file Manager. I used Awesome Filemanager 0.4 to transfer Guitar Hero 5 out of my internal drive, and ModNation Racers in to my internal drive, it takes a while but it works.

    And about the FTP Client, I use WinSCP, it is doing the work without problems.

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    General Plot Guest
    I use FlashFXP. It's fast (just disable passive mode). Very stable as well.

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    ricopico Guest

    This is a link to the compatibility listings, where you will find it states resistance 1 is working on int, but not usb (external).
    The reason for not external I expect will be due to the over 4gb file, and you cant copy it to fat32, because the filesystem doesnt support files over 4gb.

    I use leapftp 2.7.5 which is a bit old, but its what im used to. I have not had a a single problem with it.

    I'm sure most ftp clients will work fine, as long as you set it up not to use passive mode.

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    IHM Guest
    Well then something is very wrong here, i backed up motorstorm and ftped it to my pc all fine. But resistance fails to even boot, and will not ftp over, somebody help whats going on here?

    I know about the 4gb file hence why its on the internal drive and i am trying to ftp it back across for backup. Sniffed around in the folders, and cant find any saves or updates for this game, unless i am looking in the wrong place?

    Ok i have re-installed backup manager and the game is now booting, so something odd happend there, now i still cannot copy it from the ps3. So to test, i just backed up Killzone 2 and Motorstorm, and i can also transfer them both back to the pc via FTP.

    The second i try to transfer resistance on any client, tried 3 now, the client on the PC and PS3 crash.


    Anybody have a clue on this, this game is stuck on my internal drive and i cant get it to my pc?

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    IHM Guest
    Ok update, i am now using the blackbox 1,b ftp, it still fails during transfer, but if i then manually transfer the USRDIR it copies what appears to be the entire image.

    Problem seems to be that files over 4gb are not reported correctly, which i think has already been mentioned,

    file game.psarc, which is reported as 2,272,689,572 actually copies over as 6,567,656,873, so this is where its falling over, of course i cant tell if this file has copied correctly as i cant compare the correct file sizes.

    Anybody know how to do this?

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