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    lunchyboxy Guest

    BD-Rom Remarring Factory Service Mode help?

    So we can now offically enter factory service mode and downgrade our firmware which is great news, but factory service mode is supposed to open another door as well, system keys ie. BD-Rom remarring.

    So this is my million dollar question - How can this be done.

    I have drive problems and have done everything like swaping lasers etc... only to have a game boot one time and then revert to its old problems, game inserts fine, laser mech move to readjust itself, laser eye moves up and down while shing a red beam about 3 times, then nothing - no spindle motor spin.

    I'm stumped to the next thing in the chain - the BD-Rom controller. I would like to not have to desolder, clean, reball, resolder the BGA.

    I am really sure that this question and the answer catches the eyes of many PS3 owners out there and would love to here any feedback regarding this issue.


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    cackalack Guest
    Hi, I don't yet have the downgrader or related stuff to get into factory mode, I unfortunately have the pretty looking ps3break v1.2 and waiting for them to catch up, however when a ps3 is no longer loading games and you know the laser is good, and the logic board matches etc.

    you can normally solve issue by going into recovery mode, ie from red standby hold front pad until it has beeped 3 times and switches off leave go then press and hold again an listen for beep beep beepbeep after double beep leave go and a message will appear on screen to plug controller via usb.

    when you plug it in a menu will appear choose option (3) recover system files. PS3 will reboot when it comes on it will say hard drive is corrupt, you click to continue it will recover hard drive and reboot again, now your bluray drive should be fine.

    as someone who repairs PS3s daily this as worked for me more than not, but I'm looking forward to having the ability to get into service mode it's going to be a great tool for me.

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    BwE Guest
    i saw a post on here AGES AGO about service mode tools and how to do the bd rom controller stuff.

    you need their files though which we dont have..

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    lunchyboxy Guest
    I've tried this before & just did it again for S&G's with the new laser and mech to no prevail. It has to be related to the BD-rom board.

    1 - Load's & ejects fine.
    2 - Mech moves to realign itself
    3 - Laser eye move's up & down while emiting a red beam
    4 - No spin up of disk ???
    5 - Tossed in new laser and mech
    6 - Booted disk first time
    7 - Turned off machine
    8 - Turned on machine
    9 - Back to # 1 thru 4.

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    SnoopDo2G Guest
    If using the service mode + jig doesn't work for you, i guess you need to find that CEX/DEX soft, but even if you find it, i don't think you will be able to use it like that, who knows it might get leaked some day too...

    i've read this in an old post somewhere:
    The PS3 is powered off, and a special USB dongle, known as the Jig, is connected. The PS3 is then turned on, and then off, once it has detected the Jig.

    After this occurs, the PS3 is then turned back on, into "Service" Mode. From here, the PS3 is re-flashed using a Firmware Update on a USB stick, specifically designed to only install from the Service Mode. Once the PS3 is re-flashed with the software, it is then used in conjunction with a PC running customized software, specifically the DEX.exe and CEX.exe's.

    There are a multitude of special PS3 firmwares, basically three major ones. The first is a Core System, followed by the Service System, then finishing it off with the Final Software.. usually Retail.

    From the CEX/DEX PC side software, just about anything can be done: Copying, transfer and resigning of box-specific items like PSN games, user profiles, etc.

    Furthermore, the systems can be re-flashed to any software version as well. The system's keys can also be "rearranged", such as the marrying of the PS3's BD-ROM Drive (or controller) with the mainboard.

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    kally12 Guest
    Dude, don't even bother trying to clean the controller. That's not going to fix your problem.

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    CJPC Guest
    Well , few fold. One, read my post here.

    Second, I've had two service mode boxes for nearly a year- alas, there dead now (you can indeed brick them!) but I digress. The Objective Suites software only runs diagnostics and whatnot on the system, and even then that only happens after you heavily edit the files to disable it talking back to sony. Even then, you can't do anything as once it is edited, it stops working properly (in my experience).

    As for the files, still searching - I do know that they were indeed leaked, but it was about 2 years ago, having a difficult time trying to find them!

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    zant Guest
    I'd like to jump in on this thread too. My drive can read discs sometimes, and the laser is strong, and I'm fairly certain a firmware updated messed up my drive.

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    mushy409 Guest
    Have you tried swapping the laser driver IC? I dont have a drive to reference the chip, but if you have BGA equipment try swapping ICs from a know working board. Don't swap the spansion IC as it has the drive's firmware on it.

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    lunchyboxy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mushy409 View Post
    Have you tried swapping the laser driver IC? I dont have a drive to reference the chip, but if you have BGA equipment try swapping ICs from a know working board. Don't swap the spansion IC as it has the drive's firmware on it.
    Thats pretty much where this is at right now - desolder/solder, but with this new Factory Service mode option, none of that would be needed. If it doesn't take to long to find the cex & dex.exe's, its the way to go.

    I'm going to try to downgrade to a prior fw below 3.0 to see if it reloads/flashs the drive & laser fw back, just to check. If it lets you go all the way back to the release fw without eff'n ya, i'll do that and slowly upgrade the fw's. It's a shot in the dark, but i've got a little time to kill plus it would prove (if it corrects the problem) that Sony did screw up some peoples machines with a fw update - that would be huge and could possably launch a suit to have those machines fixed on the house.

    Quote Originally Posted by kally12 View Post
    Dude, don't even bother trying to clean the controller. That's not going to fix your problem.
    You have to clean the controller on the new board and clean the BGA chip up from the old board before you can reattach to the new one. I mean I guess you dont have to, but your success rate is going to suffer.

    So I downgraded all the way back to 2.0 from 3.41 and that worked out ok but still no BD spinup. So I was like *, well how low can you go, it's already broke. So I slaped a 2009 model with some 2006 firmware 1.02 (Ya thats right!) So low and behold the ps3 would not boot on the tv, but would spin the disk up... weird.

    It gets stuck in that fw by the way and you have to re run your service loader then stick the fw you want it to use back in, and you can get out of it. But when you start bumping the firmware up back to something that shows up on the tv like 1.92 - It stops the spin up? Thats as far as I've gotten right now going to keep bumping it up and see if anything changes.

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