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Thread: BD-Rom Remarring Factory Service Mode help?

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    itsmonkey Guest
    So folks, did this issue get resolved?

    The ability to pair a new logic board using service mode would be really helpful!

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    severusx Guest
    No, they are still tied together. It will make front page news if someone cracks it.

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    itsmonkey Guest
    So even if cex.exe and dex.exe arise from the deep - we cannot pair through service mode?

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    ip16354 Guest

    BD ROM , Logic Board KEY, Nand Memory

    1. We all know Logic Board KEY Marrying with the Nand Memory.
    2. Downgrading will disable BD Playback, why? Maybe while downgrading, the previous KEY in Nand Memory is erased. So, after downgrading, the Nand do not have the previous KEY. So now the BD ROM is DEAD.

    So, maybe the solution is :-

    1. Swap the Logic Board Nand Memory (KEY) from dead BD ROM to New BD ROM.
    2. Some one can extract the KEY from Previous Logic Board than flash it to New Logic Board.
    3. Or extract the KEY from Nand Memory, like homebrew software that can access the Nand, like Comginies than flash to the new Logic Board.

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