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    ConsoleDev Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    Well , few fold. One, read my post here.

    Second, I've had two service mode boxes for nearly a year- alas, there dead now (you can indeed brick them!) but I digress. The Objective Suites software only runs diagnostics and whatnot on the system, and even then that only happens after you heavily edit the files to disable it talking back to sony. Even then, you can't do anything as once it is edited, it stops working properly (in my experience).

    As for the files, still searching - I do know that they were indeed leaked, but it was about 2 years ago, having a difficult time trying to find them!
    What exactly ObjectiveSuites program can do? I noticied that it work/support also PSP instead PS3.

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    lunchyboxy Guest
    Man how ironic. As i've been digging into anything about FSM and Objective Suites, I keep running upon these 2008 posts calling bs on posts about this stuff and Team Paradox and the ps3 having anything to do with Windows is BS... wow, who's eating their BS posts now. Anyways man, ya those exe's would be handy right now.

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    crazydriver Guest
    i'm also looking for this files, i know that i have some hdd with this files but i need to do a lot search.

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    I know ObjectiveSuites and i have but what is exactly FSM?

  5. #15
    crazydriver Guest
    and do you have DEX/CEX files?

  6. #16
    ConsoleDev Guest
    No, sorry i have only main program (ObjectiveSuites) that how CJPC say run only for diagnostic purpose.

    The CEX/DEX files (if) are probably leaked in a separate .rar archive.

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    crazydriver Guest
    Thanks anyway, i will still look in my hdd's.

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    If you found DEX/CEX files in your hdd's can you contact or send me the files please? You can help me a lot.

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    SnoopDo2G Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ConsoleDev View Post
    but what is exactly FSM?
    Prolly Factory/Service Mode ?

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    lunchyboxy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ConsoleDev View Post
    I know ObjectiveSuites and i have but what is exactly FSM?
    FSM = Factory Service Mode

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