I have a blu ray movie that I wanted to try to rip and then fit onto a dvd. I installed everything Any dvd hd,ffdshow,haali media splitter, combined community codec pack. I used my PS3's blu ray drive with Linux (Yellowdog 6.1) and copied the BDMV and Certificate folder over the network to my pc's harddrive.

I then used those two folders and created an ISO image. Then mounted the iso with Virtual Clone Drive. Any DVD detected it and I ripped it to a folder on my desktop. I opened the root folder with BD Rebuilder and it looked like it work cuz I could see the movie and audio tracks. I started the rebuilder and as soon as it gets the first 100% finished I get this error

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and along with that error i get an error from haali media splitter say that the type of file is not recognized? Any suggestions ppl?? Thanks for any help.