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    CKCMorgy Guest

    BD drive / Remarry without PS3 downgrade help?

    Hi, I got a used PS3 Slim CECH3004A, production code 1B. The description said problems with BD drive.

    So when I opened it, I immediately realised the connector to plug in the 8 connection strip for the mechanic sensors and the electrical motor was ripped off from the board.

    First I tried to resolder it, but it made only problems because the white plastic strip was totally messed, so I soldered a cable with 6 lines from the board directly to the sensor/motor board long enough to get the drive in and out of the case without ripping it from the board, but diameter of the lines big enough that improved resistance by improved length won't be a problem (I could decrease from 8 to 6 because the motor had 2 lines for VCC and 2 for GND).

    I also checked for connections between my soldering, but everything is fine. So when I insert a disc, it properly pulls it in and the disc begins to spin. You can see first the blue laser trying to read, then the red one. In XMB the clock rotates, so I think the drive is detected properly.

    But the PS3 won't read the disc. It doesn't matter if it's a BLURAY DVD, a PS3 game disc, a normal DVD or an audio cd, none is accepted.

    Also I realized that half of the screws of the BD drive are missing, so I guess there was a specialist doing its best on this one.

    The lasers are both working, may the lense also be broken? How can I check if the laser/lense part is broken or maybe a connection on the data cable (as I said, I don't think the pre-owner was qualified to even change the hard disk, fooool).

    As the clock in XMB rotates, I guess the drive is the original one, right?

    So I would like to know:

    * Is there a way to check if it's the lense/laser unit or the cable?
    * If I could get a complete new BD drive, would it be possible to remarry it to my board?

    As I said, it's a CECH3004 with Firmware 4.55, so afaik it's not downgradeable and I only found tutorials for 3.55 FW.


    I also made a small video where you can see the laser working when I push the pin for recognizing the drive a disk is inserted, the mechanism loads the disc (I have to help for the sled coming up) when you see the blue laser lightning shortly, then the red one and after a while the blue one again.

    Also made a vid to see the drive pulling in a dvd and trying to read, maybe it may help as you can see, it doesn't throw out the disc at reading end.

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    windrider42 Guest
    I would think according to troubleshooting tips, that is faulty lens:


    The disk is accepted, ejects fine, loading wheel present.

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    CKCMorgy Guest
    veeeery nice instruction, thanks. So i'll order a new lense/laser unit and try it.

    Anyway, I would like to know if it's possible to remarry on this PS3, cause as I said it won't be downgradeable.

    By the way, why is this? Newer version of NOR chips on the mainboard? Would it be possible then if I solder in older/other NOR chips?

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    windrider42 Guest
    No it is not possible to remarry on this particular PS3, as the Logic board is on the mobo, not the blu ray drive itself. So they they don't need remarry.

    Downgrade is not possible on these PS3 as they are higher than 3.55 minimum firmware versions (ps3devwiki.com/ps3/SKU_Models):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    As in earlier PS3 BluRay drive daughterboard is paired with PS3 motherboard, so exchanging a BluRay drive requires remarriage of the BluRay daughterboard.

    But this is not the case with your PS3, as the pcb is now on the motherboard.

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    CKCMorgy Guest
    So if I would change the whole drive the sysem wouldn't notice? nice

    I know that the 3004A has a higher firmware when it was produced, but I don't know why it is so important to get the PS3 to OFW 3.55?

    Afaik there are higher CFW like Rogero 4.55 CFW, why is it impossible so update direktly to this CFW?
    And I guess the minimum firmware version is written to a not reprogrammable and not readable ROM on the motherboard?

    Otherwise it should be possible to change this value, or not?

    Sorry I tried to understand and made research but all I found was the explanation "The 3000 series has new hardware which is more difficult to reprogram" or other bs, but when I can upgrade to another OFW, there must be a EEPROM which may be manipulated, or isn't it?


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    windrider42 Guest
    Yes it is nice that the pcb was moved to the mobo, so no pairing needed.

    I am not that technical to explain, but yes minimum PS3 firmware version must be 3.55 or lower in order to downgrade.

    Only hardware mods can be installed on your PS3 in order to enjoy CFW

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    CKCMorgy Guest
    What is a hardware mod? In my understanding I have to short the RAM command line (there may be 11, which one doesn't care), and I have to short it repeating some times for 40ns.

    Ok, this will block the command to the RAM, but, as many said before, I don't know which command is sent right now and will be blocked, so can there be any damage to the system by blocking other commands? May the system crash, or may it even be broken?

    So we imagine we blocked the right command, what now? Will the PS3 reboot?Will it bring an error message? How do I know when it successfully blocked the command?

    Next, when we did that successfully, what now? Can I remove the wires now? Or is this procedure necessary all the time?

    Can I remove them after installing a CFW? And finally, how can I now install a CFW? Just by going into safe mode and install via USB stick?

    Sorry but I read many tutorials but none answered this questions, either I'm to dumb or... I don't know

    Also, is there a compilation of where these command lines are for every board version?


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    CKCMorgy Guest
    OK I ordered a new laser unit, replaced the old one and WOW the ps3 works again. Thanks a lot windrider.

    But it would be nice if someone could answer the questions about hardware mod?

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    misiozol Guest

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    windrider42 Guest
    You need a hardware mod installed to your PS3 in order to have CFW or homebrew.

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