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    BD drive fix for motor?

    I have been trying to fix my ps3 BD drive for a while and I know I am going to order a part or two. The problem I seem to be having is that the laser still fires but the motor that spins the discs doesn't turn at all. The motor moves freely but I am not sure how to check if it is the motor that is faulty or something on the drive board that is faulty. Has anyone else here had and fixed this issue?

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    i have fixed many bd drives for the ps3 the simplest fix is to order this part it shows out of stock but there are other places to order it form do a web serch for the part number this will fix your problem

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    Thanks I was thinking that was the part I needed. I was hoping it wasn't the IC chip cause I don't have a good enough soldering gun.

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    It's fairly unlikely to be the drive board. It's either going to be the optics / laser or the motor itsself.

    Before the disk is spun up, the drive does a focus test on the disc surface. I'm not completely sure if this is done with all 3 colours (IR, red, blue) before it spins the disk.



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    Well I decided to just get the optical deck since on psx boy its only 4 dollars more than the laser its self. Yeah I thought since I at least saw the laser fire up a bit that it wouldn't be the driver board.

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