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    zenyou Guest

    BCU folder name question?

    Is there a way to tell what the name of the main folder of a game should be?

    Is there some sort of file the references this folder name or something that I can get the main directory folder name from?

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    MustaineV Guest
    In the game's main folder (where there's the "PS3_GAME" folder) there's always a file called PS3_DISC.SFB

    Open that file in notepad (copy it over to somewhere else before opening in NP if you wanna be 100% cautious) and you'll see the code for the game somewhere in there.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    you can do the same thing with the PARAM.SFO

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    MustaineV Guest
    Yep, that too. Basically the accompanying file to the PS3_GAME folder, SFO or SFB.

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